About Us

Education grows people's lives. 

Tuition Assistance grows your company.

Educational Advisory Services, Inc. (EASi)  since 1981.  The goal of our company is to work for the learners, and corporate Tuition Assistance programs, as a third-party solution so that adults can professionally make Proper Provider Selection for their careers and control the costs of education. 

Adult students who find the right-fit college or university program for them are much more likely to complete their education.  Choosing the right school for both employees' career goals, and employer's learning needs assure Tuition Assistance funds are spent wisely - And, reduces the cost for degrees.

Our Founder, Dr. E. Faith Ivery, had experience working as an academic advisor for adult students for several campuses.  She found that college representatives knew only about their own campus, and, of course, "sold" only the programs that their school offered.  But, to make proper selection of the myriad of options and opportunities that higher education developed for adult learners, the learners needed to be taught about higher education systems and directed to find the best-fit providers for their goals.  She decided to create services that focused on the learner - not the recruiting goals of schools.

Knowing that schools did not want to assess and direct potential students to their competitors, Dr. Ivery started the first Educational Planning service for employees of companies offering Tuition Assistance funds for continued education. She employed academic advisors and trained them to her model to use any, and all resources to advise adults on the most quality and time/cost efficient means to complete their degree.  The education plans also included ways for students to earn credit for the "college knowledge" that they already possessed - which significantly reduces the time and cost to complete degrees.

Through the years, the model has remained the same, but the way it is delivered has changed with technology. Now, this model is provided through an entire web-solution, so adults can create their own education plans tailored to their needs.

The EduPlanner's OnLine Advisor takes adults through a process to define their learning needs, inform them about higher education options, and directs them to the providers who offer the solutions they need.

Through the EduPlanner and College Search, employees - the adult students - can make informed and professional decisions about using employer Tuition Assistance funds.  This way, employees are not "sold into" a degree by school advertisements or recruiting, but are able to use a central resource of information to make their selections.

The Search function of this product is the most comprehensive in the country - over 2,000 schools that offer programs for adults using Tuition Assistance policies, 586 distinct Majors, and all locations of on-ground campuses and online learning, plus extensive information about each campus, and how to get credit for what you already  know - over 100,000 bits of information.

Education changes lives - and EASi is still about helping adults find the right education to change their lives.  That is our goal; that is our passion and that is our commitment to you and your Tuition Assistance Plan!


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