Colleges / Universities:

"We are interested in having that tie between companies and have our program information available to those specific companies in a user-friendly manner.  We like the connection it will allow us to have with the corporate field."
Grand Canyon University

"You have an excellent product and I agree that Excelsior should be listed."
John Ebersole, Past President, Excelsior College




 "Dr. Faith Ivery is passionate about two critical organizational priorities: saving money and developing people. She has combined these into a useful framework and detailed toolset for maximizing the value of an organization's educational reimbursement spend. Faith knows more about this topic than anyone else I have ever met, and she can translate this knowledge into "dollars" that go directly to the company's bottom line."   

Pat Cramer, Director Training and Development, Aerospace,  Honeywell (retired)


  "A compelling business case can be made for employing a resource like The EduPlanner to better plan and manage your tuition assistance expenditures, which today are often not actively managed.  This type of resource allows an organization to optimize their ROI from any given tuition assistance budget by uncovering the most cost-effective degree programs for each individual employee to accomplish the goals of both the employee and the company.  In most organization, this potential cost reduction will far outweigh the resource investment."                                                 

David Vance is Executive Director of the Center for Talent Reporting and co-author of the Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRP).  He was President of Caterpillar University from 2001-2007, which was ranked #1 in the 2005 BEST awards as well as named Corporate University of the year in 2004.  He is also author of The Business of Learning: How to Manage Corporate Training to Improve Your Bottom Line.  Prior to leading CatU, Dave was Chief Economist and Head of the Business Intelligence Group at Caterpillar.



Adult Students: